AMCS Seminar

Jia Lu
"Inverse deformation problem: background and applications"

Abstract: Inverse deformation problem refers to a special family of inverse problem which aims to find the undeformed configuration of a material body from a given deformed state.  This inverse problem has wide applications in engineering field. For example, in metal casting, a work piece undergoes complicated thermoplastic deformations so it bears undesired distortions at the end. To obtain a target shape, one must design the originally geometry properly, and the inverse design naturally leads to an inverse deformation problem. In this presentation, we will discuss the some inverse deformation problems drawn from various fields of engineering applications. We will present a method for solving this problem, and discuss some nontrivial implications of the inverse approach.  We will also discuss some recent advance in inverse deformation analysis of elastoplastic materials.

Bio: Professor Jia Lu received a Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering from UC Berkeley. He joined the University of Iowa in 2001 and has been here since then. His research interests include computational mechanics, vascular biomechanics, inverse problems, and nonlinear elasticity. 

Event Date: 
March 24, 2017 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm
221 MLH
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