Differential Geometry Seminar

Yuanqi Wang (University of Kansas)
Title: Complete Ricci-flat K\"ahler manifolds of generalized ALG asymptotics


This is a work in progress. Under a technical assumption, following 
Tian-Yau’s classical work about canonical metrics on quasi projective varieties, 
we provide an geometry existence theorem of iso-trivial generalized ALG Ricci
flat K\”ahler manifolds. They are non-compact, complete, and asymptotic to a group 
quotient of the Riemannian product C times D, where C is the flat 2-dimensional 
Euclidean space, and D is a closed Calabi-Yau manifold.

Event Date: 
November 18, 2021 - 1:00pm to 1:50pm
Online (See URL)
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Differential Geometry