GAUSS - Gordon Aiello

Gordon Aiello
An Introduction to Noether's Theorem

Abstract: Noether's Theorem is a seminal work of modern mathematics and is one of the most widely used results in theoretical physics.  Roughly speaking, it tells us that if a physical system possesses symmetries, then one can define a physically invariant quantity to the system; e.g. conservation of energy and conservation of the center of momentum are consequences of Noether's Theorem. 

Our talk will cover many important ideas in modern mathematical physics, including: symmetries, group theory, differential equations, Newtonian & Lagrangian mechanics, and smooth manifolds. Each of these topics will be introduced in a semi-informal way through examples, so no previous knowledge is assumed. All are invited to attend.


Event Date: 
March 9, 2016 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm
210 MLH
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