GAUSS Seminar

José David Beltrán
An introduction to the compensated compactness method and applications to hyperbolic conservation laws

In many scenarios in continuum physics, biology, traffic flow models and other areas itis common to encounter systems of partial differential equations for which classicalsolutions exist just in finite time and where the formation of singularities is frequentlyobserved. This lack of regularity constitutes a challenge to study these kinds ofproblems and non-standard techniques are required to establish existence anduniqueness results for these equations. In this talk I will give an introductorypresentation of the method of vanishing viscosity and the theory of compensatedcompactness to study the existence of solutions for scalar conservation laws. Roughlyspeaking, the method consists of the construction of parabolic approximations of theoriginal equation and the analysis of approximated

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November 15, 2023 - 4:30am to 5:20pm
SH 3 or Online (See URL)
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