GAUSS Seminar

Garrett Mason
Nondimensionalization and Fast-Slow Analysis with Terazosin Application

Chemical reactions run rampant throughout the internal mechanisms of complexorganisms — humans in particular. When drugs are introduced to a system, there aremany different effects that may take place, and this is why we develop and test models.In this talk, I plan to provide an introduction to show how the law of mass action can beutilized to write systems of differential equations based on chemical reactions. Then wewill establish a foundational understanding of nondimensionalization and fast-slowanalysis which will allow us to draw conclusions about some chemical systems. If timepermits, I will give some slight insight into how I intend to utilize these mathematicaltools to derive an essential (simpler) model for a fairly complex system of differentialequations that is a kinetic model explaining how the drug, Terazosin, acts as acompetitive inhibitor that actually manages to stimulate kinase activity.

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November 29, 2023 - 4:30pm to 5:20pm
SH 3 or Online (See URL)
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