Math Physics Seminar

Vincent Rodgers
Quantum Computing in Thomas Whithead Gravity


Quantum geodesics may colloquially be defined as pathways that are the most efficient way of getting from a A to B on a space of quantum states defined by the quantum computer. In Thomas-Whitehead Gravitational Theory, there is enough structure that it can be imported into the world of quantum computing and optimization were gravitational techniques have already been used by other authors. In quantum computing, the starting structure is the space of qubits and may be thought of as the manifold SU(2)^N, where N is the number of qubits.  Although the geometry of such qubits spaces is known, applications using projective geometry are not well investigated.  In particular, the Jacobi field that measures geodesic deviations, is related to error correction in quantum computing.  Using TW-Gravity, one might have a natural Hamiltonian that predicts error and assigns pathways with an error parameter.

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April 16, 2024 - 2:30pm to 3:30pm
VAN 309 or Online (See URL)
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Mathematical Physics