Mathematics Colloquium

Dr. Min Wu, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Mathematical modeling of size and shape regulation in the cell wall and tumor spheroid growth


Cutting-edge development in biotechnology and medicine involves reconstructing cells, tissues, and organs. Understanding the formation of living systems can aid in accelerating this work. 

I will first discuss our work on the shape regulation of the cell wall apical domain in single-cell filamentous growth.  By developing a surface model of cell wall growth and utilizing the cell wall shape data from multiple walled cell species, we find two strategies to maintain a specific cell shape: morphing the secretion profile and moving the exocytosis hotspot.  

I will then discuss our study on tumor spheroid size regulation.  I will present a continuum model that describes the growth and mechanics in the tumor by considering its elastic properties and rearranging activities in the presence of a graded growth-promoting chemical field. New to the previous experimental and theoretical results, where external physical confinement influences the steady-state tumor size, we find in theory the tumor size can be modulated by its elastic properties and internal rearrangements in a mechanically free growing environment.


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Event Date: 
September 22, 2022 - 3:30pm
Online (see URL)
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