Topology Seminar

Sachin Valera, Univ. of Bergen
Skein-Theoretic Methods for Unitary Fusion Categories

Given a fusion rule $q\otimes q \cong 1\oplus\bigoplus{i=1}^{k} x_{i}$ in a unitary fusion category C, we extract information using skein-theoretic methods and a rotation operator. For instance, one can classify all associated framed link invariants when k=1,2 and C is ribbon. The main exposition will follow from considering the action of the rotation operator on a “canonical basis”. Assuming self-duality of the summands $x_{i}$, we will explore some properties of certain 6j-symbols. If time permits, we will remark on some novel features of quantum invariants coming from $q$ antisymmetrically self-dual.

 For reference, this talk will be based on parts of

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October 8, 2020 - 2:30pm to 3:20pm
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Geometry and Topology