7th Midwest Women in Mathematics Symposium

April 13, 2019
University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa

Funded by NSF DMS-1844267.

Download the WIMS2019 Symposium poster (designed by Imad Bakhira)

2019 Midwest WIM Symposium Attendees
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The Midwest Women in Math Symposium is an annual one-day event started from 2013. The symposium is open to everyone, regardless of affiliation, age, or gender. The 7th Symposium focuses on four areas of mathematics: algebra, analysis PDE, math biology, and geometry topology.  


  • Where: The symposium will be held in the Seamans Center (Engineering Bldg.). The Seamans Center is located near the center of campus and the Dept. of Mathematics or one block south of the historic Old Capitol (pictured at right) in downtown Iowa City. It is  on the corner of W. Washington and S. Capitol Streets and found when you zoom in on this interactive map.
  • Saturday arrival check-ins: Please go to Room SC3630, Seamans Center. Check-in time: 8:20 - 8:50 a.m.

Seamans Center (Engineering Building) has several enterances, some are on Washington Street and some others on Capitol street.To access Rm 3630 more directly, it might be convenient to use the enterances on Capitol Street which are located on the second floor of the entire facility. Please go up to the 3rd floor from there. A floor plan for 3rd floor is at the link, showing rooms for our event.

  •    Talks will be held in the Seamans Center, Rooms SC3258, SC3315, SC3321, SC3026, SC3505, and SC3630


Registration is now closed.

Schedule of Events

Please see the Schedule of Events page.

Plenary Speakers

  • Janet Best (Ohio State University) 
  • Sijue Wu (University of Michigan) 

Invited Speakers

2019 Talk Abstract

  • Cecilia Diniz Behn (Colorado School of Mines)
  • Ana Berrizbeitia (Colorado Mesa University) 
  • Victoria Booth (University of Michigan) 
  • Ranthony Edmonds (Ohio State University)
  • Diana Hubbard (University of Michigan) 
  • Mihaela Ifrim (University of Wisconsin, Madison) 
  • Katelyn J. Plaisier Leisman (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) 
  • Caitlin Leverson (Georgia Institute of Technology) 
  • Rachael Norton (Northwenstern University) - Presentation Slides
  • Yangyang Wang (Ohio State University) 
  • Ye Wang (Hunan University)
  • Anna Weigandt (University of Michigan) 
  • Rebecca Winarski (University of Michigan) 
  • Emily Witt (University of Kansas)
  • Jue Yan (Iowa State University)

Lunch Discussion

Graduate Student Presentation

2019 Student Abstract

20 minute talks by eight graduate students who are close to graduation will be given. (Application is closed.)

Scientific Advising Committee

Zahra Aminzare, Frauke Bleher, Rodica Curtu, Isabel Darcy, Sayan Das, Tong Li, Colleen Mitchell, Maggy Tomova and Xiaoyi Zhang 


Keiko Kawamuro and Elif Kuz 

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