The 6th annual Rockwell Lecture - "From Pythagoras to Einstein: The Geometry of Space and Time"

March 27, 2017 - 8:00pm
101 Biology Building East (101 BBE)

A free public lecture by The Department of Mathematics, University of Iowa
Sponsored by the Mark A. Rockwell Memorial Fund
"From Pythagoras to Einstein: The Geometry of Space and Time",
delivered by Dr. Hubert Bray, Professor of Mathematics and Physics, Duke University

Abstract: How did Einstein unify space and time? What is general relativity? Even more importantly, if aliens with advanced technology abducted you this afternoon, how far across the universe could they take you in your lifetime, assuming you ate right and exercised? We'll ask all of these questions to Professor Hubert Bray, author of "Trevor the Time Traveler and the Murkian Threat," in a fun discussion appropriate for all ages and mathematical backgrounds.