The Internship Network for the Mathematical Sciences: Pathways to Interesting and Fulfilling Careers

September 22, 2021 - 3:30pm
105 MLH


Dr. Luke Leisman, Inmas Midwest Project Developer (


Are you interested in careers in business, industry, government, or non-profit, but unsure if you want to make the jump? Come hear about paid internship opportunities as gateways to careers outside academia via the Internship Network in the Mathematical Sciences (Inmas). Inmas Midwest Project Developer Dr. Luke Leisman will share about the program as a way of exploring meaningful career options, and the opportunities we are looking forward to in summer 2022. Recent alumni from the program will also share about their experience. Inmas is an NSF-funded, multi-university initiative that provides high-quality training and internship experiences that broaden career opportunities for graduate students in the Mathematical Sciences while demonstrating the value that mathematicians can add to a wide range of organizations.


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