Keiko Kawamuro receives NSF grant

August 19, 2020 - 12:00am
Department of Mathematics

Prof. Kawamuro has received a NSF award for her project entitled, "Variations of Right-Veering Open Books and Knot Positivity". The project will advance interaction of the theory of knots and links and contact topology, two significant subjects in Geometry and Topology. The project will progress the study of braids that has numerous applications to Algebraic Geometry, Operator Algebras, Homotopy Theory, Robotics, Cryptography, Geometry and Topology.

The fundamental issue the project seeks to address is diagrammatic way to detect tight/overtwisted of contact structures. The proposed Topology Seminar activity will elevate the morale and research level of the Topology group of 20 students and faculty at the University of Iowa. Some of the projects will be part of PhD thesis of the PI’s minority graduate students (two women and two Hispanic) who are expected to be leading mathematical researchers and math professors in the US. The Kids Topology Club will benefit young Iowan who have potential to contribute the STEM research of the US.