2017 Iowa Mathematics Modeling Competition

Saturday, November 11th, 2017


Competition canceled this year due to lack of interest


Modeling Strategy chart

About the Contest

Every year in the fall the Mathematics Department at the University of Iowa has a mathematics modeling competition. Largely schools from the Heartland Partnership participate, but all are welcome. For the competition, teams of three are responsible for modeling one of the questions that will be posted the day before they arrive at the university (1:00pm Friday). After finishing their model on Saturday, the teams provide an abstract and oral presentation on their results. Prizes will be awarded for the best abstract and best oral presentation.

Winning Teams for 2016 IMMC

 Winners of the contest

  Group photo of contest winners

Schedule of Events

2016 Schedule

How the presentation is graded
How to create the abstract

2016 Competition Questions and Data Sheet

Questions from Previous Years

2014 IMMC Questions
2012 IMMC Questions

Contact Information

This year Greg Tanner and Cole Stiegler are organizing the event. Below are their emails if you need to contact them for further information.


For directions to get to the parking ramp via I-80 click on the following: I-80 to Parking Ramp

Parking Ramp address:
IMU Parking Ramp
120 N. Madison St.
Iowa City, IA 52242-1317

For directions to get to from the parking ramp to MacLean Hall click on the following: Parking Ramp to MacLean Hall (Mathematics/Computer Science Building)

MacLean Hall address:
Department of Mathematics
14 MacLean Hall
Iowa City, IA 52242-1419


Math Humor

"Infinitely many mathematicians walk into a bar. The first walks up to the bartender and says, 'I'll have a pint.' The second one walks up and says, 'I'll have half a pint.' The third mathematician says, 'I'll have a quarter pint.' The bartender stops the rest, saying, 'you really ought to know your limits,' and pulls out two pints."