Course Information

Current Course Information

Visit Current Course Info for information on current course offerings, textbooks, and final exam information.

Introductory Course Sequences

The Math Department offers a variety of courses for students in many majors.  Each semester, approximately 4,000 undergraduates enroll in math courses.  If you are considering in taking a course at or below the level of calculus, learn more about your options on the Introductory Course Sequences page.

Sample Syllabi

The Sample Syllabi page provides sample/template syllabi for most of the lower level math courses. Each of these template syllabi contains course specific information, such as catalog description, goals and objectives, extended list of topics, which do not change. The official syllabus for each section of each semester has been or will be provided by the instructor in class or on ICON in the beginning of the semester. In other words, do not look here for the syllabus of a course in a certain semester or from a certain instructor.

Course Policies

The Course Policies page provides information about the Math Department's policies for undergraduates, including add/drop policies and prodecures, use of technology in the classroom, and precollege student enrollment.  The Math Placement page will give detailed information about placement policies for introductory math courses.