Department Administration and Advising

The Mathematics Department has a Chair (Prof. Weimin Han) and two Associate Chairs (Prof. Rodica Curtu, Director of the Graduate Program and Prof. Oguz Durumeric, Director of the Undergraduate Program). The faculty elects its Undergraduate Committee (likewise a Graduate Committee). Day to day decisions implementing Department policies are made by the Program Directors or at the Committee level. The Committees make policy recommendations to the Department faculty.

We have an excellent support staff, including certain Secretaries who deal often with students: Margaret Driscol handles money matters and also is the person to see about meeting with the Department Chair. Cindy Van Ark works most closely with the Graduate Program.

Students in all majors usually receive initial advising from AAC, the Academic Advising Center in Pomerantz Center. From the second year on (maybe sooner for some students), each student is assigned an advisor in the Department of Mathematics. Most students are assigned first to the Math Department Advisor or the Director of the Undergraduate Program to provide uniformity; after one or two semesters, other faculty take over. For students in the Teacher Education Program (TEP), there also will be a TEP advisor in the College of Education.

Department Administration and Advising: First column is name, Second column is phone and/or email.

Prof. Oguz Durumeric
Director of Undergraduate Program

1D MLH, 335-0774

Math Department Undergraduate
Academic Advisor

B20H MLH, 335-0793

Math Education Program
Professor Walter Seaman
Katherine Mossman
or contact TEP Applications

325K MLH and N289 LC

TEP Applications N310 LC, 335-5359
Academic Advising Center C210 Pomerantz Center, 335-5700
Prof. Oguz Durumeric
Department Honors Advisor
B20F MLH, 335-0774