Fast Start Summer Math Institute

Summer 2018 Fast Start Summer Math Institute Application Forms

We are no longer accepting applications.

Fast Start Summer Math Institute

The Fast Start Math Institute will be held July 2 – August 17, 2018, entirely online. The program aims to prepare you for college-level mathematics and to allow you to take the fewest number of prerequisite math classes possible. You might even be able to earn college credit! We expect you to spend approximately 10 hours per week to be successful. You can schedule these hours around your other summer activities.

Here is how it works:

Here's how it works: Admitted v. non-admitted
Admitted Students Other K-12 Students

Take the online placement test ALEKS starting on May 1.

This test is required for most UI students taking math classes.

For instructions on how to take the test, please see

Depending your score, you will fit in one of the tracks below:

Students who have completed:

  • Algebra I will be placed in Track A;
  • Algebra II will be placed in Track B.

Special requests may be directed at Prof. Tomova.

Track A (ALEKS Scores 0-35): We will review key Algebra concepts to prepare you for success in College Algebra. At the end of the program, you can retake the placement test. A minimum score of 30 is required to enroll in College Algebra. A score of 45 is strongly recommended.

Track B (ALEKS Scores 36-55): We will review advanced Algebra concepts to prepare you for success in your first post-College Algebra class. At the end of the program, you will retake ALEKS. Minimum scores for post-College Algebra classes vary from 45 to 55 depending on your major. If you meet the minimum score requirement for your major, you can skip College Algebra altogether. At the end of Fall 2018, you may be eligible to receive credit for College Algebra (4 credit hours). To qualify for the credit, you must complete the Fast Start Summer Institute, enroll in a post-College Algebra course in the Fall, and earn at least a B in that class.

Scores above 55: Congratulations! You already qualify to take a post-College Algebra class appropriate for your major. You are not eligible for the Fast Start Summer Institute but you can continue practicing math with the ALEKS modules selected for your achievement level.

 The details:

  • The cost for the program is $150.
  • Acceptance letters will be mailed ahead of start-date.
  • Payment is due by check upon acceptance.
  • The program is limited to 40 students.
  • The Fast Start Math Institute will use Khan Academy. Students enrolled will have access to the instructor for online or in-person meetings.