Program A 2023

Program A Requirements 2023

Program A is the traditional and most general degree in mathematics. This program is very flexible; it is designed to prepare students for a variety of career paths after graduation. One student may take electives specifically preparing for graduate work in math, while another may take courses emphasizing tools for applications, including Computer Science (CS), Statistics (STAT) or Actuarial Sciences (ACTS) electives.

Students who declared math major for the first time at the UI in Fall 2023 or later must use this Program A Requirements 2023. Students who declared math major at the UI by Summer 2023 may choose to follow this Program A Requirements 2023 or the previous Program A rules.

This program requires 7 core math courses plus electives within the mathematical sciences.  Students must also satisfy additional requirements set forth by the Math Department and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Core Courses

The following courses are required of all Program A students.

  • Calculus I and Calculus II, 8 s.h.

NOTE: Either of the sequences MATH:1550-1560 (22M:031-032, 8 s.h.) or MATH:1850-1860 (22M:025-026, 8 s.h.) is acceptable. The sequences are distinct enough that the Math Department does not encourage students to mixed them up unless there is a strong need and good preparation.  Advanced placement credit, CLEP credit, and credit obtained through the Mathematics Incentive Program are accepted for all or part of this calculus requirement.

  • MATH:2700 Introduction to Linear Algebra, 4 s.h.
  • MATH:2850 Calculus III, 4 s.h.
  • MATH:3600 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations, 3 s.h.
  • MATH:3720 Introduction to Abstract Algebra I, 4 s.h.
  • MATH:3770 Fundamental Properties of Spaces and Functions I, 4 s.h.

More advanced courses may be substituted for core math courses if approved by the Math Department Director of Undergraduate Study in advance.


For a BA degree, students must take

  • At least 4 elective courses (each 3-4 s.h.) from the following list of Mathematics, Computer science, and Statistics and actuarial science (MCS) courses.
  • Of these 4 MCS courses, at least 2 must be courses with a MATH prefix.
  • Of these 2 MATH-prefixed courses, at least one course must be an upper-level math course.

For a BS degree, students must take

  • At least 6 elective courses (each 3-4 s.h.) from the following list of MCS courses.
  • Of these 6 MCS courses, at least 4 must be courses with a MATH prefix.
  • Of these 4 MATH courses, at least 3 courses must be upper-level math courses. 

Mathematics (MATH) courses

  • MATH:2150 or any MATH course numbered 3800 or higher except MATH:4010 and MATH:4020. 

Upper-level math courses

  • MATH:3900 and MATH courses numbered 4000 or higher except MATH:4010, 4020, and 4120. 
  • No courses from other departments can be counted as upper- level mathematics courses unless they are cross-listed with an upper-level mathematics course (prefix MATH).
  • The Schedule of Course Offerings indicates which courses are upper-level math courses and which semesters they are offered to help with academic planning.


Computer Science (CS) courses

  • Any computer science courses numbered CS:1210 through CS:4740, excluding CS:3210 Programming Languages and Tools, CS:3910 Informatics Project, CS:3980 Topics in Computer Science I, and CS:3990 Honors in Computer Science or Informatics.
  • List of CS courses
    CS:1210, 2110, 2210, 2230, 2420, 2520, 2620, 2630, 2820, 3330, 3620, 3640, 3820, 4330, 4340, 4350, 4640, and advanced electives between 3620-4990 except 3910, 3980, 3990, and 4980. 


Statistics (STAT) and Actuarial Science (ACTS) courses

  • Statistics courses numbered STAT:2020 Probability and Statistics for the Engineering and Physical Sciences, STAT:3100 through STAT:4740, STAT:5100 through STAT:5120, excluding STAT:3510 Biostatistics, STAT:4143 Introduction to Statistical Methods, and STAT:4200 Statistical Methods and Computing.
  • Among the courses listed above, at most one of the following three courses, STAT:2020, STAT:3100, or STAT:3120 can be counted. None of these courses can be counted if taken after STAT:4100.
  • Actuarial science courses numbered ACTS:3080 Mathematics of Finance I and ACTS:4130 through ACTS:4380.
  • List of STAT and ACTS courses
    STAT:2020 OR STAT:3100 OR STAT:3120 (See note below.)
    STAT:3101, 3200, 3210, 3620, 4100, 4101, 4510, 4520, 4740, 5100, 5101, 5120
    ACTS:3080, 3085, 4130, 4180, 4230, 4280, 4380.


Residency Requirement of the Math Department

  • Every math major must earn at least 15 s.h. at the UI in post-calculus mathematics courses offered by the Department of Mathematics (prefixed MATH) or cross-listed with a MATH-prefixed course.
  • Post-calculus courses in the Department of Mathematics are numbered 2000 or above, excluding MATH:3700, 3750, 3995, 3996, 3997, 4010, and 4020.

Additional Requirements