UI Honors Program

About UI Honors Program

The University of Iowa Honors Program provides opportunities for top students to learn from each other and tap faculty expertise on the frontiers of inquiry. Through Honors Program, you can not only get various opportunities to achieve your academic success, but also get to know people with different backgrounds and interests.

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Honors Connection

The University of Iowa Honors Program (UIHP) aims to inspire talented students to achieve academic success. As an intellectual community, UIHP provides research opportunities and educational challenge to gifted undergraduates. The following are some specific ways that you can get involved with Honors Program:

  • Honors Classes/ Honors Designation
  • Individual Math Thesis Project
  • Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduate (ICRU)

For more information, please come to our biweekly meetings. We will discuss in details about how to connect with honors program to maximize your academic opportunity here on campus. Besides, we will invite professors from the math department to help students explore their own interests, start individual academic research, and enjoy the miracle of math!