Graduate Awards

Student Awards are given each spring before the end of the semester. A photo gallery of the Awards Celebration is here.  Please congratulate these students when you meet them around MacLean Hall and around the campus. 

Bor-Luh Lin Thesis Award

The annual Dr. Bor-Luh Lin Award, created in 2012, is given for the outstanding thesis in Mathematics.  The award is presented in an annual ceremony held in the H. J. Muhly Lounge in MacLean Hall.

2019 Bor-Luh Lin Thesis Award recipient, Alexander Sistko (center) with Prof. Laurent Jay

The awardees:

List of Bor-Luh Lin Thesis Award recipients:
Year Name(s)
2020 Adam Wood
2019 Alexander Sistko
2018 Thomas Kindred
2017 Daniel Rodman & Richard Ligo
2016 Kyle Czarnecki
2015 David Meyer
2014 Ekaterina Nathanson
2013 David Gaebler
2012 Mijai Lai

D.C. Spriestersbach Dissertation Prize

The D.C. Spriestersbach Dissertation Prize was established to recognize excellence in doctoral research. Each year the winner of the D.C. Spriestersbach Dissertation Prize has been the University of Iowa's nominee in the national competition for the Council of Graduate Schools/University Microfilms International Distinguished Dissertation Award. Prizes are awarded annually in two of four broad disciplinary areas: Humanities and the Fine Arts, Mathematical and Physical Sciences and Engineering, Biological Sciences, and Social Sciences. The Graduate College, in turn, holds two D.C. Spriestersbach Prize competitions in the areas specified by the Council of Graduate Schools, with the winners being our nominees in the national competition.

List of D.C. Spriestersbach Dissertation Prize Winners: First column is year, Second column is the award winner
Year Recipient(s)
2014 Awardee

David Gaebler, Mathematics

Paul Muhly, Dissertation Supervisor
Unital Dilations of Completely Positive Semigroups

2006 Awardee

Marius V. Ionescu, Mathematics

Paul Muhly, Dissertation Supervisor
C*-Algebras Associated with Mauldin-Williams Graphs

2000 Awardee

Marius Stefan, Mathematics

Florin Radulescu, Dissertation Supervisor
Some Indecomposability Properties of Free Group Factors

1998 Awardee Razvan Gelca, Mathematics
1983 Awardee Hector Salas, Mathematics


The University of Iowa Council on Teaching - Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards

This university-wide honor is awarded to teaching assistants who have shown outstanding ability in their role as teachers at the University of Iowa. Awardees from the Department of Mathematics are as follows:


Year Recipients Year Recipients Year Recipients
2019 Curtis Balz
Paul Samuel Padasas Ignacio
Melanie King
Pake Melland
Amrei Oswald
Roberto C. Toro-Rodriguez
Rajinda S. Wickrama
Adam Wood
2012 Brian Borchers
Nathan Druivenga
Sadia Embree
2005 Stephanie Adkinson
Malik Bataineh
Esteban Diaz
Heather Russell


2011 Nathan Ellingwood
Ross Kilgore
Ekaterina (Usova)
Roseanne Wolf
Kamuela Yong

Xiaojie Hou
Katie Reif


Ana Berrizbeitia
Jeremy Edison
Ranthony Edmonds
Hassan Rafique

2010 Danilo Diedrichs
David J. Gaebler
Mark A. Krines
2003 Allison Brcka
Cynthia Farthing
2016 Jeffrey Landgren
Rebeccah MacKinnon
Daniel Rodman
Josiah Smalley
Ze Zhao
2009 Amanda Hager
John Rost
Shannon Talbott
2002 Jenelle McAtee
Policarpio Soberanis

Gordon Aiello
Kevin Gerstle
Maria Gommel
Nan Hu
Richard Ligo

2008 Ian Besse
Susan Brooks
Jonas Meyer
Heather Molle
Jitka Stehnova
Jon Van Laarhoven
2001 Greta Lechelt
Abagail Roscum
Ryan Stuffelbeam

Christina Caples
Jessica Williams

2007 Luke Bennett
Will Hager
Colin Mckinney
Ted Wendt
2000 Mirela Iancu
Paul Johnson
John Robeson
2013 Erin Griesenauer
Annette Honken
Rachael Norton
Julia Walk
2006 Ben Galluzzo
Kim Huerter
Leonida Ljumanovic
Giovanna Llosent
Abukuse Mbirika
Oscar Vega


Catharine Wegner Outstanding Mathematics Teaching Assistant Award:

Catharine Wegner Outstanding Mathematics T.A. Award: First column is year, Second column is the name of the recipient.
Year Recipients Year Recipients

Kevin Bombardier
Alex Polenberg
Sara Reed

2015 Morgan Fonley
Thomas Kindred
Josiah Smalley

Catalina Betancourt
Samuel Brensinger
Gregory Tanner
Roberto Toro-Rodriguez

2014 Benjamin Dill
Kevin Gerstle
Catherine Patterson
2016 Kenneth Czuprynski
Huan Qin

Sandy Barken Mentoring Award

This award, named for former Associate Dean of the Graduate College Sandra H. Barkan, recognizes graduate students who show exceptional mentorship of undergraduates and junior graduate students in their assistantships. The Sandra H. Barkan Graduate Student Mentor Award is awarded in conjunction with the Graduate Student Recognition Week and The James F. Jakobsen Graduate Conference in spring of each year. For more information, visit

Sandy Barken Mentoring Award: First column is year, Second column is recipient name.
Year Recipient
2007 Colin McKinney