Faculty Committees


Secretary:   Mitchell (20)

Colloquium Chair:  Farajzadeh-Tehrani (January 20), Y. Wang (January 21)

Teaching Evaluation Committee:   Seaman (20) (Chair), Jorgensen (20), Baker (21)

Executive Committee:  Han (Chair), Anderson (20), Zhu (20), L. Wang (21), Ayati (22)

Graduate Committee:  Curtu (Chair), Kinser (20), Stewart (20), Frohman (21), Krishnamurthy (22), Zhang (22)

Hiring Committee:  Han (Chair), L. Wang (20), Zhang (20), Chifan (21), Iovanov (21), Kawamuro (21), Mitchell (21)

Undergraduate Committee:  Durumeric (Chair), Ye (20), Farthing (21), Iovanov (21), Ayati (22), Seaman (22)


Appointed Committees

Honors Students:  Durumeric

Putnam Competition Supervisors:  Chifan and Iovanov

Math Club Faculty Supervisor: Farthing

Mathematics Major Supervisor:  Durumeric

TA Supervisor:  Sokratova: MATH:0100, 1005, 1010, and 1020

Computing Support Committee:  Stewart (Chair)

Fund-Raising and Newsletter Committee:  Han (Chair), Bezuglyi, Ciungu, Farthing, Sokratova, Szecsei

Council for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (in Mathematics):  Kinser (Chair), Anderson, Ayati, Baker, Cooper, Curto, Darcy, Dibble, Durumeric, Han, Jay, Kawamuro, Krishnamurthy, Li, Mitchell, Tomova

Junior Faculty Development Committee:  Han (Chair), Bleher, Frohman

Faculty Council:  Kawamuro (20), Kinser (20), Mitchell (20), Sokratova (20), Stewart (20), L. Wang (20)

Library Committee:  Ye (Chair), Anderson, Bezuglyi, Bleher, Ciungu, Curtu, Frohman, Jorgensen

Ph.D. Qualifying/M.S. Comprehensive Exams:
2018-19: Jay (Chair), Analysis (Chifan, Muhly); Algebra (Bleher, Iovanov); Differential Equations (Curtu, Li); Numerical Analysis (Jay, Zhu); Topology (Frohman, Kawamuro)


Numbers in parentheses indicate year term ends.

Updated: 02/11/2020 (md )