Kids Math Club

*All eight positions have been filled, and applications are closed for 2022.

Three kids standing next to chalk board with math problem written out.

Who:  Eight elementary school students who have basic knowledge of multiplication, fraction, quotient, and factorization.

Where:  MacLean Hall 113, University of Iowa

When:  3:30pm-5:30pm

September 26Strategy for Games

October 10Platonic Solids

October 24Areas and Algebra

November 28Counting

*A guardian is required to stay.


The goal is to collaborate and discuss to solve problems and present mathematical ideas to others.


Graduate TA's:  Miguel Barquinero, Michele Capovilla-Searle, and Casey Stone.

Organizers:  Keiko Kawamuro and Rebecca Sorsen.  This activity is funded by the National Science Foundation DMS-2005450.

kids math club

kids math club

kids math club

kids math club