Sonia Kovalevsky High School Mathematics Day

The 17th Annual SK Day is on March 30, 2024 in MacLean Hall at the University of Iowa.

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Dr. Tong Li,

Margarita Bustos Gonzalez,

Adriana Fernandez I Quero,

Joseph Small,


Who was Sonia Kovalevsky?

Sonia KovaleskySonia Kovalevsky was a Russian mathematician, writer, and advocate for women’s rights in the 19th century. She is known for her contributions to the areas of mathematical study: analysis, partial differential equations, and mechanics, for which she won the Prix Bordin award. She was the first major Russian female mathematician, the first female member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the first modern European woman to attain full professorship. Despite social conventions of the time restricting the involvement of women in such fields, Sonia Kovalevsky made major contributions to academia.

In honor of her, the Mathematics Department at the University of Iowa organizes SK day yearly with the goal to inspire young women interested in math and show them that math is like solving a puzzle.


SK Day

The day-long program includes workshops, interactive talks, math related games and panels of professionals with math-related jobs. Sonia Kovalevsky Day is an opportunity for young women to engage in a day of networking, mentoring, and fun!

There is no cost to attend the event, and participants have opportunities to meet and talk with university professors and students. 

SK Day Group Photo 2023


Fact Sheet

Where: MacLean Hall at the University of Iowa.
When: Saturday, March 30, 2024
Who: High-school-aged women, their teachers, and parents or guardians
Cost: This is a free event!


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