Departmental Policies for Undergraduate Math Courses

Mathematics Placement Policy

The Math Department requires students enrolled in introductory courses (up through Calculus II) to place into the course by taking a math placement test or by taking a prerequisite course.  Please visit the Math Placement page for more information.

Add/Drop Policy and Procedures

Dropping a Course.  During the first week of the semester, students may drop a course online through MyUI.  During the second week of the semester, students will need to complete a Change of Registration Form and obtain signatures from their intructor (either lecturer or discussion section leader) and their advisor.

Adding a Course.  During the fist week of the semester, students may add any section of a course with seats available online through MyUI.  To add a section of a course with no seats remaining, you will need to get the section instructor's permission to add the section and complete a Change of Registration Form.  (Please read the NOTE below.)

During the second week of classes, students will need to complete a Change of Registration Form and obtain the signatures of the instructor and their advisor to add a course.  (Please read the following NOTE.)

NOTE: Students who are completing an add form to add any MATH course numbered 0100 to 1860 except MATH:1560 (22M:001-031 except 22M:027 and 22M:028) must also contact Amanda Marr to verify that the enrollment requirements for the course have been met before obtaining the instructor's signature on the add form.  Students may visit Amanda Marr in 125 MacLean Hall (inside the Math Tutorial Lab) or send an email to including their university ID number and the course and section number to be added.

Policy on Cross-Listed Courses and Out of College Courses

This policy applies to students who enroll in courses outside of their college. For more information, please read the Policy Governing Enrollment in Courses Outside College.

Policy on the Use of Technology in the Classroom

The use of technology (such as calculators or computers) is determined by the faculty member in charge of the class.

Policy on Precollege Students Taking Mathematics Courses

The Department of Mathematics believes that high school mathemematics courses should be taken in high school. Thus junior high and high school students are not encouraged to enroll in our remedial courses: MATH:0100 (22M:001), MATH:0300 (22M:003) and MATH:1005 (22M:008). However, high school students are generally welcome in our calculus courses and above.

Policy on Undergraduate Regression, Duplication and Second Grade Option

The Math Department offers a variety of courses geared toward students in different majors.  As a result, some courses are considered equivalent even though the courses numbers are different. 

For more information about duplication and regression, please visit the MATH Duplication and Regression page.

Updated information about second grade option policies for the mathematics courses will be available soon.  Please read about the CLAS Second-grade-only-option for general guidelines.