Academic Advising

During the first two semesters at The University of Iowa, most undergraduates are advised by professional advisors at the Academic Advising Center (AAC). All students advised at the AAC meet with an advisor twice before registering for classes, once for planning and once to receive permission to register. Advisors also work with students on many other related issues and refer students to other offices for additional resources. For more information, call or visit the Academic Advising Center: C210 Pomerantz Center; 319-353-5700, or visit the Academic Advising Center's webpage.

After earning 24 semester hours, most students are advised in the department offering the student's major. Students applying to selective admissions majors or programs are advised at AAC until the student is accepted into the program or has declared another major. Advising by faculty is always available by the junior year or earlier. Each department also identifies a specific honors advisor.

Emma Kirk is the undergraduate academic advisor for the Department of Mathematics.  Ms. Kirk advises math majors once they earn 24 semester hours until they are appointed a faculty advisor, usually after earning 60 semester hours.  To contact Ms. Kirk or to arrange an appointment with her, please email

Prof. Yangbo Ye is the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the Honors Advisor for the Department of Mathematics.  To learn more about majoring in mathematics, the different programs in the major, Honors in Mathematics, transferring math courses, or other questions related to math majors, please contact Prof. Ye by emailing

Regardless of where students are advised, they may request a different advisor for any reason. (This information was taken from the CLAS Academic Policies Handbook.)