Honors in Math

Honors in Mathematics is different from the University of Iowa Honors Program.  It is not required to earn UI Honors or to be part of the UI Honors Program to earn the Honors in Mathematics.  However, Honors in Mathematics can be used for the UI Honors requirements.

To graduate with Honors in Mathematics, a student must complete all requirements for an undergraduate major in mathematics and must maintain a GPA of at least 3.40 in the major and overall.  In addition, students must do one of the following.

  • Complete 4 courses from the following list, including a two-course sequence, with at least a B average among the 4 courses.
    MATH:4090 (22M:114) A Rigorous Introduction to Abstract Algebra, 4 s.h.
    MATH:4210 (22M:113) Foundations of Analysis, 4 s.h.
    MATH:5000 & 5010 (22M:120 & 121) Abstract Algebra I & II, 8 s.h.
    MATH:5200 & 5210 (22M:115 & 116) Introduction to Analysis I & II, 8 s.h.
    MATH:5400 & 5410 (22M:132 & 133) General Topology & Introduction to Smooth Manifolds, 8 s.h.
    MATH:5600 & 5700 (22M:142 & 144) Nonlinear Dynamics & Partial Differential Equations, 8 s.h.
    MATH:5800 & 5810 (22M:170 & 171) Numerical Analysis: Nonlinear Equations and Approximation Theory & Numerical Analysis: Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, 8 s.h.
    Any MATH course numbered 6000 or higher, subject to Honors Advisor's approval.  (In the 3-digit numbering system, these courses are equivalent to any course numbered 22M:200 or higher.)
  • Complete an honors project, comparable to taking several of the courses above, subject to Honors Advisor's and Thesis Supervisor's approval.  Students who choose this option typically register for MATH:3996 (22M:197) Individual Study and Honors in Mathematics for 3 s.h. or more. They must find a faculty member willing to supervise their project; contact the department for help finding a project supervisor. Contact the Department of Mathematics Honors Advisor for more information.

For further information, please contact the Department's Honors Advisor, Professor Oguz Durumeric.

In addition to honors in their majors, undergraduate students have a variety of opportunities for honors study and activities through membership in the University of Iowa Honors Program.  Visit Honors at Iowa to learn about the UI Honors Program.