Mathematics Incentive Program (MIP)

Students who studied calculus in high school or elsewhere, but did not receive AP credit, or any other college credit for a calculus course should be able to start with Calculus II rather than repeating calculus.  That’s why the MIP was invented.  Students who place into MATH:1860 Calculus II with a score of 15 or higher on the MPT3 and receive a grade of B or higher in the course may receive 4 s.h. credits for Calculus I in addition to the credits earned for Calculus II.  Students must apply for this additional through CLAS. The credit is ungraded but counts toward the hours required for graduation. MIP credit is counted as UI and CLAS residence credit. For more information, including addtional policies and how to apply for MIP credit, please see the CLAS MIP webpage.